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We are delighted to offer our traditional gold and silver jewellery along with modern jewellery brands, such as Coeur De Lion, Clogau and Nomination
We have the widest selection of beautiful Engagement, Wedding & Eternity rings so you can be sure you will make the perfect choice for your forever ring.
Whether you’re looking for mens chains and necklaces, mens rings, mens bracelets, cufflinks or even pendants, with a huge variety of metals and elements like gold, silver and steel, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece at Forum Jewellers.

Gold Jewellery by Forum Jewellers

As a precious metal, it has been used for many thousands of years by people all over the world.

Pure gold is too soft for everyday use, so for durability, gold jewellery is mixed or alloyed with other metals. The amount of pure gold in a particular piece of jewellery is measured in carats (ct) – 24 carats being pure (fine) gold.


  • 9ct Gold is hallmarked with 375 which means 37.5% of pure gold.
  • 14ct Gold is hallmarked with 588 which means 58.8% of pure gold, popular with manufacturers in America and Europe but not the UK.
  • 18ct is hallmarked with 750 which means 75% of pure gold, the number 1 choice for luxury, quality and durability.
  • 22ct is hallmarked with 916 which means 91.6% of pure gold.

Many people are unaware that gold need not be the familiar yellow golden colour. By adding different metals to the alloy mix, it is possible to create gold in a variety of different colours ie. pink, rose, white etc.

White Gold

Silver and palladium are alloyed with gold to create white gold jewellery. The use of alloys means white gold is not a bright white. White gold is usually plated with Rhodium to give a bright appearance, but as it is only plating it will wear through to show the natural colour. This of course can be restored by re-plating after a thorough polish and clean.

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